Friday, August 21, 2009

What a YEAR we've had!

So almost a year ago right after school started we noticed a bump on Preston's head. It started out really small and we thought it would just go away. We finally took him to the doctor and they tried to drain and culture it to see if it was some kind of infection, but nothing came up. It slowly kept getting bigger and bigger we finally took him back in for an ultrasound and it looked like a mass of tissue. We went to Primary Childrens (the best place in the world!) They did a CT scan and found that it wasn't attatched to anything inside the skull.

So we made an appt to get it removed. In the meantime we planned a family vacation to San Diego. We wanted to go before surgery so we didn't have to worry about getting it wet. Another post will have those fun details! We went up the end of October for surgery! We had fun in the waiting rooms and just couldn't believe how incredibly fun and sincerely kind everyone up

there was! Preston didn't want to leave the Xbox and all the fun toys they had! We had a funny anesthesiologist he said he was going to give Preston whale smell for the gas! He really made it a little less scary! My heart still sinks as I think of him walking to the door and the doctor saying "okay mom you'll have to stay here, we'll see you in a little bit" Preston just turned around and gave me the biggest hug! Letting go was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I knew everything was going to be okay, but still the "what if's" had me!

They told us the whole procedure was only going to be an hour so we waited in the waiting room and listened to all the stories of the other people; one waiting for an 8 hour heart surgery, one for reconstruction, and more. I could not have felt more grateful and just prayed in sincere thanks for our simple surgery compared to all the others. It took almost 2 hours, we were getting a little anxious then the nurse came in and told us we could see him. He looked so tired!

He was so brave and was trying to be strong but he couldn't wait to go home! We came back a couple weeks later and got the stitches out and the cyst came back basically a cyst of hair cells that had grouped together all begnign and just fine. We walked out of the hospital so grateful that was our last visit. I just hugged my kids extra tight that night. We never know what obstacles we will have to face in this life, but I do know Heavenly father will help us every step of the way. He certainly did for us at this scary time! The scar is so much smaller now a year later you can see it only if your looking!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hailey's First Day Of School

Hailey and I started preschool today!!! It felt like we had never left! It was so fun to see all of the kids again and how much they have grown over the summer! I just love them! I especially love working with Marlene Sheppard their teacher and my good friend! I don't know who gets more out of her teaching the kids or me!! She is the most loving and patient person I know. I love hearing her read stories and just the way she teaches the kids. She is the best! Hailey had a great day! She got to bring the snack today that means you get to be the line leader AND be first to do everything for the whole day!! It was also color red, so she got to wear her favorite sparkling ruby slippers (thanks Maya) Could the any better?! Of course! We got to go to Pizza Factory tonight for Kristin's Birthday then to Maya's house for cake and ice cream! Hooray for fun days!! Love ya Kristin Happy Birthday!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Preston's Birthday!!!

We had the best day ever, and its still going!! The boys are over having a "late night" watching a skate video Preston got today! We just got home from the skate park where Chase Adams came and showed us all his great moves! AMAZING!!!
We had a bunch of family and friends there tonight! We ate a ton of pizza and cake. Then most everyone took a turn on the new ramp Cameron got for Preston. Thank you everyone!!! You made this such a special day for Preston!

Preston had Krispy kreme for Breakfast this morning, he opened his new skateboard deck, and other presents then he went off to school. We took a treat to his class and checked him out early to get his skateboard put together. We got back in time to get things ready for the big party!!! Hope you had the best day ever buddy!!! Love ya!

First Day Of School!!!

The First day of school is already here!!!
Where did the summer go??
Preston was actually really excited after meeting his teacher on Tuesday. Her name is Mrs Nelson. The kids ate skateboard pancakes for breakfast.
Then he couldn't wait any longer he just had to go to the bus stop 20 minutes early! He found his scooter outside and rode it for a minute, we caught a little jump.
All the kids were already there too decked
out in their new clothes!
They looked good!
The bus finally came at 8:32am.

It seemed like a long day to me and Hailey! She said she was so "BOARDING" as she laid on the stairs!!! Then she said "I am going back to bed" and she got in dad's side of the bed and pretended like she was sleeping.
Jon and I just laughed!!!

Without her brother around life can be pretty quiet!!

He finally came home at 3:30pm just jumping up and down,
he had the best first day of 2nd grade ever!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Preston!

Happy 8th Birthday Preston!

I can't believe how fast the time has gone! It seems like not that long ago we were bringing you home from the hospital in your carseat that looked three times bigger than you. We loved holding you! You were such a snuggly baby! I loved watching you sleep on daddy's chest. We called you peanut cause you were soo tiny! We have had so much fun watching you grow! You really are an amazing boy Preston! You are so smart and full of energy! You teach us so much every single day! I hope you know how much you are loved by your Mom and Dad and so many other people around you! This is such a special Birthday for you! We are so excited for you to be baptized! The gift of the Holy Ghost is such an incredible blessing from our Heavenly Father. It has been a constant companion and help to me for many years now and I am so very grateful for it! I can't wait to see the blessing I know it will be in your life! Your Heavenly Father loves you Preston! He does hear and answers your prayers, and he waits to hear from you every day! Remember who you are! You are his son! I have felt from the time you were born that he has many great and wonderful things in store for you! We are proud to be your parents! We love you sooooooo much!! Happy Birthday!
Love ya more!
Mom and Dad

Thank you for being such a great big brother Sisa!

I love playing with you!!!

Happy Birthday!

Love, Hailey